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Call for tender! Researcher/Research team to carry out a study on self-directed support funding systems

Research on self-directed support funding systems

1. Tender specification

EASPD is looking for a Researcher/Research team to carry out a study on self-directed support funding systems.

2. Main elements of work

2.1. As part of its “Commit!” Work Programme 2018, EASPD is looking for a Researcher/Research team to carry out a study on the impact of self-directed support funding systems on care and support services

2.2. The study should address the following issues:
a) Understanding the functioning and outcomes of the main self-directed support funding systems for care and support services.
b) Strengths and weaknesses of the main self-directed support funding systems for care and support services with regard to key principles of the UN CRPD1 such as participation, inclusion, empowerment, respect of preferences, choice and control.
c) Impact of the main self-directed support funding systems in areas of life of persons with disabilities such as inclusive living, education, habilitation and rehabilitation, employment.

2.3. For the purposes of this study Self-directed support (SDS) is defined as a system to organise the help people need so the person has as much control as possible. It aims to improve the lives of people with social care needs by empowering them to be equal partners in decisions about their care and support. For example: SDS allows people to choose how their support is provided and gives them as much control as they want of their individual budget. Self-directed support may or may not include self-financial control means such as voucher systems, direct payments and personal budgets.

2.4. The Researcher/Research team is expected deliver:
An overview of the impact of self-directed support systems on care and support services looking at issues such as workforce, quality of support delivered, organisational matters, sustainability of the service (i.e. affordability, availability, accessibility and adaptability).

3. Deadlines

Deadline for application: 14/12/2018
Response to application: 21/12/2018

Selected applicants are expected to take on the assignment as soon as possible.
The final report(s) should be submitted within 45 days from the start of the contract.

4. Expertise required

The researcher(s) will be expected to demonstrate:
- Solid academic and/or professional background with regards to the social service sectors;
- Experience in data collection, analysis and presentation;
- Understanding of the provision of the UN CRPD for both persons with disabilities and support services;
- An operational approach to the integration of good management principles, including correct personal data management in line with the requirements of the GDPR.
- Only candidates from EU Member States are eligible for participating in the tender.

5. Selection and award criteria

The applicant(s) should submit the following documents before 14/12/2018; 23:59 CET:

- A motivation letter describing your expertise and explaining why you are the right candidate(-s) for the assignment (not more than 1 page).
- A technical proposal explaining how you plan to conduct the research, including a review of what has already been done, a proposed methodology, a work plan, resources needed, budget, etc. (not more than 2-3 pages).
- CV, including the list of published articles, reports, studies if relevant.

Only selected candidates will be contacted.

6. Content of the bids

The tenderer will ensure that their bid clearly identifies how they meet the selection criteria. It would also be useful to see examples of previous work demonstrating their ability to write and present in English to a primarily NGO audience.

7. Payments and standard contract

The payment will be made in 2 instalments: 40% on receipt of a first draft of the report and 60% upon validation by EASPD of the final report.
Only validated reports will be accepted and fully compensated.
The Contract will be drawn up between EASPD and the contractor.

8. Price

The estimated price is max. 4000 EUR, all taxes included.
The contract will be awarded to the tenderer whose offer represents the best value for money, considering the quality of submitted documents and individual expertise. The contract will only be awarded to a tenderer who clearly proves to have knowledge, experience and expertise which match at least 70% of the selection criteria.

9. Contact Details

Please send your bid to Sabrina Ferraina, Policy Manager at the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD):