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Click here for EASPD’s E-learning Hub

Peer learning and the exchange of expertise and knowledge between our members is a key pillar of EASPD’s work. Over the past year EASPD’s team have worked to facilite the exchange of information and promote the sharing of practices between our members.
As a European organization, with members from across 33 different countries, the use of on-line communication tools is crucial to the effective collaboration of members. To support this communication EASPD have redeveloped its E-learning Hub and invite its members to join us on-line via

What is EASPD’s E-Learning Hub
The EASPD’s E-Learning Hub (D-LoT) is a platform for learning, sharing and networking. It provides tools, learning materials, advice and guidance about how to develop and sustain high quality support services for persons with disabilities. The Hub provides an on-line space where EASPD members can share knowledge, experiences and communicate between each other. Its success depends greatly on the use by the participants and will be driven by the work of EASPD Members.
The Hub is not only more user-friendly, but it is also more accessible and with more functionalities. Via the Hub you can browse:

  1. Open on-line courses on a number of different topics which are relevant topics to our sector. You are free to enroll in these courses as you wish. As the site develops more courses will become available to you.  
  2. The AGORA: This provides access to a number of different forums which facilitate communication with project partners and Standing Committees/ Interest Groups.
  3. Knowledge Centre: This area provides with a repository of relevant papers EASPD’s key areas of work.

Most sections are of free access, but if you want to have the full EASPD E-learning Hub experience and participate in the AGORA forums, start by registering!
If you are part of an SC/IG or a project, please reach out to the EASPD secretariat contact person of your group so that they can enroll you in your private section.

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For more information please contact Sandra Nicolau Lima on