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Commission consultation on the Social Rights Pillar – EASPD’s opinion

Luk Zelderloo, Secretary General of the European Association of Service providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) explains why the consultation on the Social Rights Pillar launched by the European Commission is important for support services. He highlights what are the main concerns for employment and social policies in Europe and how we can tackle them.
What are the key concerns for employment and social policies in Europe?
As you know the social care sector is going through a very difficult times. The sector is recovering from the austerity measures that we have implemented. Now we have to work on the quality of services and the quality of the workforce, because the quality of services without a qualified workforce is not possible and that is what we are working on.
What can the Pillar do to address these concerns?
First, more in general, the Social Rights Pillar is, I think, a very important opportunity to work together on further developing this social economic agenda of Europe. Is a very important opportunity and we should use it I think. Within the Pillar we look at social services and these social services, and that is why it is so important, contribute to the enjoyment of human rights of European citizens and if we can make that work, then we can contribute to a nicer Europe to live in.
Why is it important to participate in the consultation on the Pillar?
Europe is not only about this house, the European Parliament, is not only about the Council, it is about us, about the people, and we have to take ownership and we have to work together with authorities, with other players in the field, trade unions, support providers, we have to work in cooperation. So together we have to develop these Social Rights Pillar and we, from our sector, are willing to take some ownership and of course we will ask the European Commission to develop something that is useful and that has teeth, that makes a difference in the life of real people in Europe.  

Have your say in the EC consultation on #SocialRights: GO TO CONSULTATION