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Commission Launches New Website Supporting the Erasmus+ Programme

The new website, ‘School Education Gateway’ aims to familiarize education professionals with the European action for schools, and provides a toolkit to aid educational institutions in the preparation of their Erasmus + applications.
At present, these Tools and related information are only available in English, but will be provided in all EU languages by the end of March 2015.
The toolkit is 3-tiered, and includes:

  • Course Catalogue - A directory of professional development courses available for schooling staff. School staff are able to browse available training courses, seminars, and events offered trhoughout Europe. Educational institutions are equally able to post courses they offer to other institutions.
  • Mobility Opportunities - A database of opportunities for schooling professionals. Schools interested in hosting staff can place their annoucements in the database, whilst teachers interested in seeking placement abroad are able to browse available offers.
  • Strategic Partnership Requests - A partner search tool for schools and organisations across Europe to carry out joint projects to improve standards of teaching and learning. Organisations interested in taking part in a Strategic Partnership can post their offers in the database, or browse those advertised by other members.

Academic institutions are eligible to post announcements in each database, once they register with the website, and on the condition that activities posted fit the Erasmus+ Programme objectives.
To register now, visit the School Education Gateway page now, at the following link:
All three School Education Gateway tools can be supported through Erasmus + funding. Find out more about the application deadlines, conditions, and procedure at: