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December Newsletter


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EASPD Special Newsletter on Early Childhood Intervention

In order to achieve a truly inclusive society, persons with disabilities have to be included in every step of their lives. From the very early stages of life, we must build on the capabilities, skills and resources of every person and their families and provide real equal opportunities for all. This is why EASPD has been working on early childhood intervention as a priority and has developed this special newsletter in collaboration with Eurlyaid. Read more

EASPD Employment for All Award 2017

EASPD and EUSE believe that all efforts in creating an effective system of employment of people with disabilities contribute to the change of the social reality. For this purpose, EASPD has created the Employment for All Award and is pleased to be joining for the 201 edition with EUSE on this occasion. Read more

EASPD videoflash n°2 is out!

In this second episode, EASPD presents to you an interview with Emmanuelle Grange, Head of the Disability and Inclusion Unit from the European Commission and a message from EASPD new President, Jim Crowe. Read more

Happy 10 years anniversary UNCRPD!

10 years ago the United Nations Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities was adopted at the UN General Assembly. Taking stock of these 10 years we can only but say that the Convention has become the core reference of our work and that of many other organisations working in the disability field. Read more



Remembering Bengt Lindqvist

It is with great sadness that we inform you of the passing of Bengt Lindqvist. Bengt Lindqvist had a singular influence on disability of the 20th and well into the 21st century. His contribution is profound. Not because he had a disability but because he understood social justice; he put it into practice in all the many different roles he had.Read obituary and tributes


European Commission rewards British city Chester for enhancing accessibility in its city life

The European Commission announced the British city of Chester as the winner of the Access City Award. Chester was chosen out of 43 cities from 21 EU countries, because of its inclusive measures for people with a disability in different sectors, in particular the tourism sector. Read more


Investing in Services - A Social Platform Mythbuster" dispels 10 common myths about Social Services

Social platform launched a report clarifying 10 widely believed mistruths about investing in Social Services. Read more


Launch of project on Improving Assistance in Inclusive Educational Settings

With support from the European Union’s ERASMUS+ fund, the IMAS project aims to establish a common framework to analyze the work, career and conditions of learning and support assistants in schools in Europe. Read more

ENTELIS November newsflash

The November 2016 Entelis Newsflash brings you the latest updates on the programme as well as the new establishment of the ENTELIS Network, signed as a MoU between AAATE, EASPD EVBB on the 19th of October 2016 in Brussels. Read more

EASPD Members news

Unapei elects their new president, Luc Gateau

Last Saturday, Unapei elected their new president, Mr Luc Gateau. Read more

Interview with Inspire from Malta

EASPD interviewed their member Inspire from Malta to learn what they do and understand the success factors of their work. Read more


 Vous pouvez trouver la version française ici