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DELAROSE Partners Launch Their Online Pilot Course on Stress Management

On June 1, 2015, DELAROSE partners launched a pilot course on Stress Management. At least 25 students have been registered. Taking part in the pilot study gives full access to all the course content and allows achieving an accredited ‘Certificate in the Management of Work-Related Stress,’ worth 20 ECTS. 


The DELAROSE course consists of two modules, each worth ten credits.


Module 1, Person-Centred Management of Work-Related Stress, aims to provide workers with the information and skills to manage their individual levels of occupational stress. It consists of the following units of learning: 

  • Introduction to Stress 
  • Prevention of Stress 
  • Learning Ways of Coping with Stress 
  • Changing How You Think About Things 
  • Giving Feedback 
  • Challenging Behaviour 
  • Learning How to Relax 
  • Physical Activity and Stress. 


Module 2, Environment-Centred Management of Work-Related Stress, aims to help workers to create a less stressful workplace. It consists of the following units of learning: 

  • How the Organisation Contributes to Stress 
  • Interpersonal Skills 
  • Leadership and Motivation 
  • Change Management 
  • Organisational Policies 
  • Risk Assessment 
  • Ergonomics. 


The online course is run by three institutions: Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) in Ireland, Karl Franzens University (Graz) in Austria, and La Scuola universitaria professionale della Svizzera italiana (SUPSI) in Switzerland. WIT will run an English language version of the course, KFU will run a German version and SUSPI will run an Italian version. Students are free to choose which institution they would like to enroll with. The 12-week online course will last until August 31, 2015.



Timothy Ghilain, EASPD Research & Development Officer
+32 2 282 46 12

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