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Disability, Equality, Security Careers. Back on the ground (DESC 2)

What is DESC2?

Following the Disability, Equality, Security, Career (DESC) project, DESC 2 project aims to bring the results of the project on the ground. In a first step, the partnership from France, Belgium, Spain and Italy will develop and implement an evaluation methodology to assess the impact of inclusive employment methodologies on persons with disabilities, employers and service providers. The partners will then assess the impact of such methodologies on external stakeholders such as social services, families and employment services, and develop a guide on how to develop sustainable networks with all relevant stakeholders to implement successful inclusive employment strategies. Finally, the project will continue its annual implementation of the European Disability Employment Week (EDEW) in each partner countries, focusing this time on developing sustainable networks to ensure the ongoing success of the EDEW.



European Union ERASMUS+ Programme



1 September 2017 to 31 August 2020 




Timothy Ghilain
+32 2 233 77 23