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Discover the e-learning platform for Family and Community Nurses produced by ENHANCE

The ENHANCE project aims to address the gaps in the skills training currently offered to the nurses working in primary health care, which requires new roles and new ways of working. The Family and Community Nurse (FCN) has been identified by WHO and EU policies as a key actor in the new PHC model, shaping personalised services for people in need of home-care support, such as ageing adults.
The Enhance project has produced an European Curriculum which was delivered and tested in Italy, Greece and Finland involving graduated nurses working in PHC. The students benefited from an open online tool supporting case study and best practice, which allows the exchange of practical experiences, informal learning and builds a sense of a professional community.
Learn about the Open Online tool through an interactive short video, available HERE.
Are you a VET provider/university in the field of nursing and you would like to learn about the European Curriculum on FCN? Get in touch with and discover how you can uptake this innovative training in your training institution!

Discover more about the ENHANCE project here: