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EASPD and partners release statement calling for the EU to eradicate child poverty and social exclusion with the help of the Child Guarantee

EASPD and its partners of the EU Alliance for Investing in Children have released their statement, which calls on the European Commission and EU Member States to propose and adopt a Council Recommendation on the Child Guarantee in 2020.

Today, over 23 million children in the European Union grow up in poverty and at risk of social exclusion. Children from disadvantaged backgrounds, or vulnerable groups, such as Roma children, children in migration, children with disabilities, children living in institutional care and children of single-parent or large families are often most at risk . This situation is unacceptable within the European Union that promotes human rights, equality and human dignity amongst its key values.

At this point, the European Union has committed to prevent the eradication of child poverty by developing a Child Guarantee, which will ensure that all children have access to key social rights even those in the most vulnerable situations.

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children welcomes the European Union’s prioritization for the Child Guarantee and is calling on the EU to ensure that the Child Guarantee Council Recommendation is launched in 2020. It is expected that the next MFF will be adopted by June 2020 and the ESF+ as well as other EU Funding instruments (ERDF, AMF) are due to be finalised by autumn 2020. Furthermore, all the Member States have already started developing their national strategies on poverty reduction and social inclusion, which will also include measures for the eradication of the child poverty. By launching the proposal in 2020 the alliance aims to avoid that EU Member States would have to re-programme the use of EU funded budgets in line with the Council Recommendation and re-open their national strategies on poverty reduction to accommodate the priorities included in the Council Recommendation.

The EU Alliance for Investing in Children calls on:

  • the European Commission to present its proposal for a Child Guarantee immediately. We urge the Commission to ensure that the proposed Child Guarantee Council Recommendation builds on the 2013. Recommendation on Investing in Children, which is based on three pillars- access to adequate resources, to affordable quality services and of children's right to participate.
  • the EU Member States to adopt within 2020 a Council Recommendation on the Child Guarantee which will guide EU and national investments and policy development aimed at reducing child poverty.

To access the full statement with all the relevant recommendations, click here.