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EASPD and partners sign Joint Declaration to continue to work together on the support services for tomorrow

On the 4th December 2018, the second day of the European Commission’s event on the European Day of Persons with Disabilities, EASPD and partners Inclusion Europe, European Disability Forum, European Network on Independent Living, Mental Health Europe and COFACE Families Europe renewed their commitment to work on co-production and the support services of tomorrow.

This Joint Declaration aims at providing a common understanding between signatories on the direction support services should take to enable full inclusion. It also lays the ground for future discussions and cooperation between signatories towards this end.

The objective of this cooperation is fourfold:
Þ Improve trust between stakeholders and understanding of each other’s position;
Þ Find common solutions on how to strengthen a human rights-based approach in European policies and processes;
Þ Develop guidelines and exchange promising practices on support models in line with the CRPD.
Þ Strengthen cooperation with mainstream stakeholders and involve them in discussions and processes.

EASPD Secretary General Luk Zelderloo said "We look forward to continuing to work together in this strong partnership to individualise support and create co-produced services for persons with disabilities. Now lets replicate this at a national and local level!" 

Read the Joint Declaration here.
Over the next two years, several meetings will be organised to discuss the development of common position papers, research activities and project on the development of support in the future. Following these two years, a meeting will be organised to review developments and work between cooperating organisations.