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EASPD joins Europe’s leading coalitions of social, environmental and development networks to call for the EU to put sustainable development at the top of its strategic agenda

Following the results of the European elections, the European Council, which represents the EU Heads of State and Government, is discussing the Strategic Agenda 2019-2024. A draft version was recently leaked, which puts migration and the protection of external borders, or the “integrity of our physical space” at the top to the Council’s priority list:

On 20-21 June, EU Heads of State & Government will meet in Brussels for the first post-EU election Summit where they will be discussing this Strategic Agenda.
Ahead of the Summit, EASPD has joined over 150 organisations in signing a letter to these Heads of State & Government, urging them to make sustainable development the overarching objective of the EU’s priorities, both inside and outside Europe, for at least the next five years.
The letter asserts that, if the EU is to bring about real and lasting change, sustainable development must be the golden thread running through all EU policies. The letter adds that leaders must stop looking at the economy merely as a means to create “prosperity” and “competitiveness” and, instead, view it as a tool to promote inclusive, sustainable and just societies that meet the needs of all, within the boundaries of our planet’s precious resources and the limits of its life-giving ecosystems.

To read the full letter, click here.