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EASPD Lighthouse Network guides members in stormy seas of 2020

 Ahoy! Despite the stormy seas of 2020, the second annual edition of the EASPD’s Lighthouse Network was successfully completed with two new training activities implemented between EASPD members.
The Lighthouse Network is a space of contact among peers with certain expertise and organisations that express needs on those topics. The Network is engaged from (and for) EASPD’s membership. Selected peer-experts work with other organisations to improve their knowledge and/or to increase their capacities.
In 2020 two matches were made between EASPD member organisations, who were looking to building their capacity on a key topic and four Lighthouse Network experts, who were willing to share their knowledge with others. These matches resulted in 2 training activities: one on supported decision making and one on improving the quality of services provided to persons with disabilities.
Our Finnish expert, Maarit Alto, gave a 4-day training to highly motivated staff members from AMIMONI, a Greek organisation. The online course aimed at exploring a way to renew the working methods and develop the understanding of person-centred notions when it comes to supporting persons with disabilities. Identifying the current situation and assessing further steps to take - in line with the renewed goals - were part of the main takeaway of this training.
For the second training, our Spanish experts, Pep Solé and Ferran Blanco from SUPPORT as well as Raùl Olivera from Som Fundació gave a training on Supported Decision Making to three EASPD members: Eudajmonia from Poland, Help the Life Association from Albania and Disability Federation Ireland.  Professionals from the three receiving organisations were very interested in learning more about supported decision making (SDM) and how they could better implement it in their respective organisations. Experts exchanged their experience on the topic which triggered interesting discussion among participants who were also happy to share their perspective and consider ways in which they can improve SDM within their organisations.
Due to COVID-19, these training activities were successfully adapted to be delivered in an on-line format, assuring a constant flow of learning and exchanges!
And as we kick start 2021 we are sure this new year will be, again, filled with peer-learning and knowledge development opportunities among our membership! This year all EASPD Member Fora will have the opportunity to develop their own activity and collaborate with other Member Fora on a wide variety of topics – exciting opportunities ahead of you!
Let’s sail for a new year of peer-learning and knowledge sharing!