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EASPD Online Conference- Recordings and presentations available now!

Below you can access all recordings of sessions and presentations given by speakers at our conference 'Road to Employment for Persons with Disabilities' on the 4th and 5th May, 2020.


Monday 4th May 2020
Plenary session

Road to Employment in the Open Labour Market: Coproduction of New Opportunities - Recording



  • Malika Bouchehioua, President, Agefiph
  • Jürgen Menze, Disability Inclusion Officer, International Labour Organisation - Presentation
  • Valerija Bužan, Founder & President, Center Val - Presentation
  • Haydn Hammersley, Social Policy Officer, European Disability Forum




From Education to Employment - Recording


  • Katri Hänninen, Developing Manager, KVPS - Presentation
  • Judit Rufí, Head of Studies, Lo Pont Adult Training Centre (Fundació Gentis) - Presentation


Using State Aid to Boost Employment


  • Arend Pieterse, Acting Director, Cedris - Presentation- Presentation
  • Marina Molina, Responsible for Projects & R&D, Fundació Ramon Noguera - Presentation


Inclusive Living. Housing and deinstitutionalisation linked to employment - Recording


  • Galina Climov, Executive Director, AOPD - Presentation
  • Vasilis Kalopisis, Manager of Supported Living Services, Petagma - Presentation
  • Valeria Giovanna Venuto, Project Coordinator, AITH CISAL - Presentation


Tuesday 5th May 2020
Plenary session

Concrete steps towards more inclusive employment in the EU: 
Policy Recommendations for the next European Disability Strategy - Recording



  • Emmanuelle Grange, Head of Disability & Inclusion Unit, European Commission 
  • Patrick Gohet, Deputy, Ombudsman
  • Caroline Mancel, Alternate Member of the Board, European Network of Public Employment Services - Presentation
  • Emmanuel Constans, President, LADAPT


Workshops on best practices from the Employment for All award 


Katharina Eisenmann, Job Coach, Dafür

Reinhard Saler, Job Coach, Dafür


Maria Cabré, Director, Aura Foundation


Cristian Rovira, Vice-President, Grupo Sifu

Marta Gimenez, Supported Employment Team, Grupo Sifu



Alperen Aşanbuğa, Project Leader, Eker Dairy Factory

Nehir Merinoslu, Continuing Education Coordinator, Tohum Autism Foundation