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EASPD Paris Conference "Road to Employment for Persons with Disabilities", 4-5 May 2020

EASPD Paris Conference "Road to Employment for Persons with Disabilities", 4-5 May 2020

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“The right to work is a fundamental right, as recognized in several international legal instruments. Finding long-term employment on the open labour market not only fulfils the right to work but also facilities an individual’s enjoyment of a number of other human rights. But being employed is much more than a right, and having a job often forms an inherent part of a person’s identity, enabling them to be economically independent, provide for their families, and actively contribute to their communities.
Working in the framework of art 27 of the UNCRPD, the aim of our work should be clear: the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the open labour market. But how to get there?
The Road to Employment of Persons with Disabilities is a very varied one. It takes many shapes, many turns, in a wide array of settings. There are some potholes, there are some detours, and there are some truly inspiring practices to see. In this conference, EASPD and LADAPT invite you travel this road  together to see what it has to offer and how we can make it a more comfortable journey for everyone.  
Once we know the destination, the inclusion of PWD in the open labour market, many questions arise:
What is the role of services in this process? How can they best support the individual to find employment?
How to make sure the employment persons with disabilities do find is meaningful, paid and respects their labour rights – in other words, that they are treated as any other workers?
How to involve all relevant stakeholders to ensure a systemic change and a comprehensive community support for the individual?
How to best take advantage of new opportunities – and tackle the potential shortcomings – such as social economy and new technologies?
These reflections need to also be based on and connected to what is happening on the ground. We will have the opportunity to discuss in smaller workshops specific concrete aspects of the development of inclusive employment strategies. In particular, following the award ceremony of the 4th ‘Employment for All Award’ on Monday 4th May evening, the six best practices (3 from employers, 3 from service providers) will be presented on Tuesday 5th, for us all to get inspired.
To conclude our journey, the outcomes of the conference will be brought together to present common recommendations on the needs of the sector to be included in the renewed Multiannual Financial Framework of the European Union, and in particular the European Social Fund.
We look forward to sharing this journey and listen to what everyone has to say and developed.”

This event is organized with the financial support of the Programme for Employment and Social Innovation “EaSI” (2014-2020) and the Erasmus + Programme of the European Union