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EASPD releases 28 country Factsheets about the state of Social Care & Support Services for Persons with Disabilities in Europe

EASPD is pleased to announce that 28 Country Factsheets on “Social Care & Support Services Sector for Persons with Disabilities” are now available online. EASPD commissioned the research “Country Fact Sheets on Social Care & Support Services Sector for Persons with Disabilities” as part of its commitment to expand knowledge based on the Social Care and Support Services Sector in Europe. The fact sheets below can now be read in Croatian, Greek, Czech, Estonian, Hungarian, Luxembourgish, Portuguese, Romanian and Swedish!

The 28 factsheets, from each Member State, address:

  • the type of services available for the different life-course stages (e.g. Early Childhood Intervention, Education Support, Employment Support, Day Care, Living Support, Long-Term Institutional Care and Respite Care, Leisure and Social-Life Support);
  • the nature of service providers in each of the indicated service subsectors;
  • their target groups (age range, type of disability);
  • their financing and governance; as well as
  • any plans for substantial reform or regulation relating to this type of service delivery.

Below you can have access to all 28 Factsheets:


Austria     Belgium    Bulgaria  Croatia    Cyprus

EN DE      EN            EN    BG    EN CRO  EN   CY



Republic   Denmark    Estonia     Finland    France


EN   CZ     EN               EN    ET     EN   FI      EN    FR


Germany   Greece    Hungary   Ireland        Italy


EN              EN             EN   HU        EN             EN 


Latvia      Lithuania    Luxembourg   Malta    Netherlands


EN             EN     LT        EN     LB      EN    MT      EN 


Poland     Portugal    Romania  Slovakia   Slovenia


EN             EN    PT    EN    RO    EN    SK    EN


Spain       Sweden   United Kingdom


EN ES       EN    SV   EN