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EASPD releases report of support services according to the United Nations

EASPD has recently carried out an in-depth research on the United Nations’ views on support services and their role in enabling persons with disabilities to fully enjoy their rights.
The report provides an overview of the role of support services in the enjoyment of rights for persons with disabilities as illustrated by UN-statements which have been published from the adoption of the Convention up to present day. The UN indeed does not only affirm the necessity of support services “The provision of appropriate support is necessary to the realization of the full spectrum of human rights”, but has also published several documents on the topic.
In the first part of EASPD’s report the role of support services is grouped per theme for easy consultation. These themes include: 

  • Accessibility,
  • Legal capacity,
  • Access to justice,
  • Inclusive living,
  • Education,
  • Health,
  • Habilitation and rehabilitation,
  • Employment

The second part of the report instead gives an overview of how the UN sees the practical development of support services in Europe. It maps out the status quo, as well as the UN’s views on how to move forward.

To read the full report click here.