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EASPD responds to Consultation on EU Child Guarantee

The European Commission are looking to propose a Child Guarantee. Following the reports on the implementation of the Council Recommendation on Investing in Children, the final report of the Feasibility Study for a Child Guarantee and a broad stakeholder consultation on what were the priorities when developing a Child Guarantee, the Commission has launched a public consultation on a proposed Roadmap to a Council Recommendation for a Child Guarantee. EASPD recently responded to the Consultation by calling for a section to be dedicated to children with disabilities and their support needs. Our paper recommends the Child Guarantee to look into the following issues:

  • Support access to services for families and children
  • Promote quality family centred models of services
  • Promote better staff training and retention
  • Pay particular attention to transition periods
  • Support the development of comprehensive, integrated legal frameworks
  • Set up strong monitoring tools
  • Link with the new Multiannual Financial Framework

Click here to read our full response.