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EASPD Secretary-General highlights the importance of integrated care at the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society’s policy dialogue in Brussels

EASPD  Secretary-General Luk Zelderloo was invited by the Coalition for Health, Ethics and Society (CHES) to speak at their event on “Integrated care: Tackling fragmentation for more patient-centred and sustainable healthcare.” CHES aims to promote a multi-stakeholder dialogue between health and non-health practitioners on topical health issues. CHES is a joint initiative by the European Policy Centre (EPC) and Johnson & Johnson.

Mr. Zelderloo was accompanied by speakers Leo Lewis, Senior Fellow International Foundation for Integrated Care; Loukianos Gatzoulis, Policy Analyst at DG Health and Food Safety European Commission; Anne-Sophie Parent, Secretary-General AGE Platform Europe and Hans Martens, Chair of CHES.

The event considered the opportunities stemming from the development of integrated care models, while also reflecting on the challenges of the scaling-up process and the replication of successful experiences across Europe. The panel discussion also explored how EU financial instruments could promote the development and implementation of integrated care models.

Mr. Zelderloo  highlighted the  different aspects of integrated care, from the key components need to ensure high quality integrated care services to barriers preventing their provision. Mr. Zelderloo’s intervention was supported by a number of promising practices, that show how integrated care can help all the stakeholders in the disability sector to achieve better outcomes.

The event will be followed by an event report, which will be published in one of the next few weeks.