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EASPD update on Paris 2020 “Road to employment for Persons with Disabilities” Conference in May

In these uncertain times where things are changing very quickly, we wanted to give an update on the situation of our Paris conference “Road to employment for Persons with Disabilities”.

We have continued to monitor the COVID-19 outbreak very closely and have been following European guidelines on the issue of travel and the hosting of large events. At this moment in time we are awaiting instruction from the French authorities in order to make a concrete decision whether our event will be permitted to go ahead.

However, under the current circumstances it is appearing increasingly difficult to organise our event in the manner that we had hoped and for this reason we strongly advise that you do not make anymore purchases related to the conference. Rest assured that we will keep you updated on the situation via email and the EASPD website.
Most importantly, EASPD and LADAPT hope you take care of yourself and look out for others at this difficult time.

Luk Zederloo                                                   Jim Crowe
EASPD Secretary General                              EASPD President