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EASPD Webinar: COVID-19 EU funding opportunities for non-EU Member States

Wednesday 17th June 2020, 14h00-15h00 CEST

The Coronavirus outbreak presents a major challenge to national, regional and local communities which are on the frontline in countering the disease. In the face of the COVID-19 virus, support service providers are taking their own actions to be able to continue to provide essential care & support services to those who need it most.

The COVID-19 crisis has a huge impact in the worldwide. While the EU has launched its own programmes for the EU Member States, its solidarity also reaches the Western Balkans regions and the Eastern Partnership countries via the following measures:

  • the Support to the Western Balkans in tackling COVID-19 and the post-pandemic recover, where the EU has mobilised a package of over EUR 3.3 billion to the benefit of Western Balkans citizens.
  • the Eastern Partnership Solidarity Programme, which starts with EUR 80 million for immediate needs and can go up to EUR 883 million for the short and medium term to support the social and economic recovery of the region.

This webinar aims to gather EU officials and EASPD members from the Western Balkans regions and the Eastern Partnership countries to present the main challenges faced by service providers, and the funding opportunities offered by the EU to address those needs.

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