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EASPD Webinar: Support provision and ethical procedures during the COVID-19 pandemic

Wednesday 29th April, 14h00 CEST, via Zoom

The Coronavirus outbreak presents a major challenge to national, regional and local communities who are on the frontline in countering the disease. In the face of the COVID-19 pandemic support service providers are taking actions to be able to continue to provide essential care & support services to those who need it most.
During the pandemic, healthcare professionals are working every day and witnessing the reality the Coronavirus is having on the health of people and our healthcare systems. These professionals are sometimes faced with the dilemma of prioritising health resources and the care they can provide to patients. In these circumstances, persons with disabilities can be at risk of experiencing additional discrimination, based on their perceived general health status and medical condition. This webinar will address the role support services play, in ensuring that the rights of persons with disabilities are respected equal to others and that they can access the health and social care they need during the pandemic.
This webinar will bring together experts who will present and discuss:

  • Support provision within the restrictive measures required to counterfeit the COVID-19.
  • What recommendations could be shared to authorities at national and European level concerning ethical procedures.
  • What are the actions undertaken by European authorities to support member states and grassroots organisations in dealing with ethical issues regarding the health and social care provided to persons with disabilities.