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EASPD's Lighthouse Network is growing and we need more experts!

Call for experts: keystones for service provision

EASPD Lighthouse Network – a unique member led activity

EASPD’s member organisations work daily to improve the lives of thousands of persons with disabilities around Europe, finding innovative solutions for practical problems. We want to encourage our members to share these solutions between each other and for this we created the Lighthouse Network in 2019.

Under the framework of the Commit! Strategy, the Lighthouse Network is a space of contact among peers with a certain expertise and organisations that express needs on those topics. The Network is engaged from (and for) our membership. Selected peer-experts will help organisations to improve their knowledge and/or to increase their capacities. In 2019, the Network helped five peer organisations in the areas of Change Management, Supported Decision-Making, Person Centred Technology and Inclusive Education. After study visits to the organisations, the peer-experts organised workshops, drafted recommendations and provided one-to-one support in the organisations that requested the support. The peer-experts then organised a workshop in the EASPD Autumn Conference (Helsinki) and a series of webinars to promote their work and share the expertise with the EASPD membership.

What are we looking for?


With the success of the first edition, EASPD aims to enlarge the Network by increasing the number of experts and topics. As such, we are looking for at least ten peer-experts from our membership, eager to engage in this knowledge sharing activity. This expertise should be in one of each of the following topics:

1. Person Centred Technology
2. Change management
3. Self-directed Support
4. Supported Decision Making
5. Co-production
6. Inclusive Education
7. Integrated housing and support
8. Health and person-centred care
9. Ageing
10. Sexual Education for persons with intellectual/learning disabilities
11. Other. We are open to your suggestions! They can be very concrete topics as: how to support eating for children with multiple disabilities or working with people with psychosocial disabilities who have been convicted

Profile of the expert:

• Proven experience in the given field of expertise;
• Excellent communication skills (fluency in English required);
• Excellent facilitation skills and the ability to manage group dynamics;
• Ability to be flexible, adaptable and work effectively in and across international teams;
• Experience in collaboration with other organisations (projects, study visits) is preferable;
• Experience in working with networks is desirable;

What will you have to do?


As a peer-expert you’ll be required to participate in different activities that will allow the spread of your knowledge through our membership. In particularly you’ll need to be available to:

1) Provide advice to receiving organisation(s): EASPD will also launch a call to select organisations (any of the EASPD members in Europe) to receive the advice of the experts. When applying, the receiving organisations need to choose one of the following three formats:

o Mentoring: One-to-one relationship; the expert will meet one person from the organisation and create recommendations for that position.
o Individual: One expert – one organisation; the expert will visit one organisation and create recommendations for that organisation.
o Group: One expert – several organisations; organisations in the same country/region that may have the same needs can come together on a collective that will receive the expert. The expert will then develop recommendations and advice together with the local organisations.

o You will work in improving the receiving organisations’ knowledge and/or to increase their capacities through advice, training or ad hoc recommendations. Once the expert and the receiving organisation(s) are matched, they will work together in defining the kind of activities (e.g. a one to 2 days study visit to the receiving organisations, so the expert can give ad hoc recommendations or a training session for staff members). It is foreseen that the activities will take place between April and September 2019.

2) Prepare a presentation for a webinar. EASPD would like to share your knowledge and your experience in the receiving organisation with the broader membership. This will be done through a webinar (organised with the cooperation of the EASPD Secretariat).

You’ll also:

Attend a preparatory meeting in Brussels on the 4th March 2020 intended to kick-off the activities, to allow you to get to know the other experts’ work and to decide on the receiving organisations.

To sustain these activities, EASPD will cover the travel and subsistence expenses related to the activities (up to a budget to be discussed in the first meeting) and will provide the experts with a compensation fee equivalent to two working days (at the Erasmus+ daily rate for managers in the respective expert’s country). Please note you or your employer should ensure that you are insured for these trips.
EASPD’s team will also ensure regular support to both the expert and the receiving organization(s) during the implementation of the activities.

Why participate?


As a peer-expert of the Lighthouse Network, you’ll have:

  • The opportunity to work with EASPD and its members;
  • A chance to participate in a network of international experts and;
  • A chance to be recognised as a leading expert in the field.
How can I apply?


If you feel that you can help other member organisations improve their work and you are ready to commit to this network, please email your CV (max. one pager) and motivation letter (click here) describing how would you fit in the requirements mentioned above. You’ll also need to provide a letter of support from the legal representative of your organisation (click here) to Ms Sandra Nicolau Lima

The deadline for applications is 9th December 2019.

Recruitment Data Privacy Statement


EASPD commits to carefully handle the privacy and data protection of natural persons whose personal data are processed by EASPD.
EASPD only processes the personal data in a way that is compatible with the purposes for which the data were collected.
Personal data is collected to facilitate the recruitment process. Data given to EASPD is included in the CV you need to submit for your application to be considered.
EASPD takes appropriate measures to ensure your personal data is not kept for longer than necessary for the intended purposes. That is why your CV will not be kept by EASPD after the recruitment process is finished. Should you wish EASPD to keep your CV for future vacancies, please include this statement in your cover letter.