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EASPD's summer reading suggestions for you!

Whether you are jetting off abroad, or embracing the staycation this year, EASPD are bringing you your dose of food for thought during your summer break! Below you will find a list of our most relevant reports to inspire and inform you on a variety of different topics - from Covid-19, to supported employment for persons with disabilities. Check our suggestions and start reading!

EASPD Snapshot Report: Impact of COVID-19 on Disability Services in Europe

EASPD's snapshot report provides a first set of data demonstrating the impact of the Coronavirus on support services for persons with disabilities. It is based on data collected from EASPD members in April 2020 in 23 European Countries

Read it here in English

Joint Position Paper: COVID-19 and Social Services: what role for the EU?

In response to the COVID-19 outbreak EASPD has joined forces with 11 other partners representing different dimensions of the social services sector at European level to call for the EU to take greater action to support social services during and after the Coronavirus crisis.

Read our recomendations here in English

Access to Health Services for Persons with Disabilities in the EU: Review and Commentary

This report analyses and reviews existing literature on the main barriers that persons with disabilities experience when accessing healthcare, and compares them with the issues faced by persons without disabilities.

Read it here in English and here in French

Service Provision to People with Disabilities that are Ageing 

The various services avalible to persons with disabilities that are ageing are outlined in this report, with particular attention to long-term care facilities in Europe. The report also identifies lessons from European countries which are providing these services and the implications for service recipients.

Read it here in English, here in French and click here to read it in Dutch

Technology for Employment in Work Integration Social Enterprises (WISE) 

The research presented in this report analyses the spread of digital technologies in the WISE sector in Europe, what skills employers and employees are required to have and what technologies and skills are available in workplaces to start with.


Read it here in English, here in French and here in German.

The Opportunities and Barriers of Different Employment Models for Persons with Disabilities

This EASPD-commissioned report studies what opportunities and barriers different European employment models bring for persons with disabilities.

Read it here in English, here in French and click here to read it in Spanish