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EDF and MHE webinar on opposing the Oviedo Convention draft legislation on involuntary psychiatric treatment of persons with disabilities!

In the spirit of defending human rights of persons with disabilities, the European Disability Forum (EDF) and Mental Health Europe (MHE) are organising a webinar on advocating against the draft additional protocol to the Oviedo Convention on 25th March, 2021. The online event will ensure accessibility through International sign interpretation and real time captions in English.

To register for this webinar, click on the link here.

The webinar will address the new legislation on the involuntary psychiatry treatment of persons with disabilities which has been drafted by the Council of Europe and its Committee of Bioethics. Opposing this legislation, EDF and MHE will present launch an ‘advocacy toolkit’ against the legislation which has been drafted.  

This suggested use of involuntary psychiatric treatment endangers the rights of persons with disabilities to have the self-determination to decide if they want to undergo treatment. The webinar will shed light on how the legislation that is drafted, known as the “draft additional protocol to the Oviedo Convention,” violates human rights of persons with disabilities. In fact, a lot of criticism regarding this draft has been openly expressed, not only by persons with disabilities but also bodies and organisations within the Council of Europe and the United Nations.

Turning a blind eye to this opposition, the draft has not only been approved but also will be voted upon in June 2021 within the Committee of Bioethics in the Council of Europe. In an attempt to create more awareness and protect rights of persons with disabilities,  EDF and MHE will introduce the advocacy toolkit and provide guidance on how to use it in this webinar.
The European Disability Forum is an organisation that aims at ensuring full inclusion of persons with disabilities in society. They actively participate in policy development, implementation, and monitoring of the UN Convention on the Rights of Persons with Disabilities in Europe.

Mental Health Europe is a European non-governmental organisation that promotes positive mental health, the prevention of mental distress, the improvement of care, advocacy for social inclusion and the protection of the rights of (ex) users of mental health services, persons with psychosocial disabilities, their families and carers.