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In this section, we showcase good practices on inclusive education.



In 2016, EASPD published a report "Inspiring Practices: Education for Learners with Intellectual Disabilities".
Click here to read it and discover about these inspiring practices.


Project ALDO

The European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities is one of the partners of the project ALDO. This European project is gathering best practices in the field of education for adults with a learning disability to set up an online observatory where practitioners will be able to share, discuss and enrich each other’s experience.
After the first year of work, ALDO partners have created a research report with a list of 53 good practices on Education from different European countries. The practices are categorised according to 4 thematic areas:

  • Personal access to information and knowledge
  • Learning and Teaching Situations
  • Personal Communication and Interaction
  • Access to educational administrative procedures

Sumary report of the project ALDO

Read the full research report by clicking here
ALDO project Website


More information about Inclusive education on EASPD Website.