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Employment For All Award 2013

EASPD Employment For All award

Booklet on best practives in employment support for people with disabilitiesEmployment is crucial for people's social integration, physical and mental health, well-being and self-realisation. Article 27 of the UNCRPD recognizes and stresses the right of persons with disabilities to work, on an equal basis with others. This includes the right to gain a living by work, freely chosen or accepted in a labour market that is open, inclusive and accessible to persons with disabilities.


In this period of European economic crisis, where the sustainability of the social system is increasingly called into question, the need to find innovative social policy instruments is more and more evident.

From these reflections came the idea of creating the ‘Employment for All Award’ that EASPD launched this year in conjunction with its international conference ‘Employment of persons with disabilities - Raising awareness & employment opportunities’.
During the competition EASPD received a considerable number of “best practices” from organisations based in Asia, USA and Europe. These best practices provided with ideas, examples and subjects of discussion  for  the  conference,  as  well as  for  the  EASPD Standing  Committee  on Employment  for the years to come.



After selecting “Ten of the best practices of today in their context”, the Grand Jury selected the nominees under the following categories:

  • Research Validated Best Practice
  • Field Tested Best Practice
  • Promising Practice

You can find more information about the best practices selected, the selection procedure and the purpose of this award on the booklet 10 Best Practices in Employment Support for People with Disabilities, available in English, French, and German.



As a next step, the Grand Jury selected the following three nominees:

  • ifs SPAGAT For a life in Autonomy – work in open labour market, from the Institut für Sozialdienste Vorarlberg gemGmbH (ifs), Austria, which connects and launches processes concerning integration into living and leisure-time in order for people with disabilities to be able to lead a life in their own communities as part of society.
  • Passwerk, from Berchem, Belgium which aims at coaching people with an autism spectrum disorder on their way to suitable full-time employment, based on their qualities and abilities, and to actually employ them within the disciplines in which they excel.
  • Repsol: Integration of people with disability, from Madrid, Spain which encourages employment of persons with disabilities at petrol stations by means of specific training adapted to their needs and current market requirements. This includes: improving professional qualifications and providing all participants in the training action with the knowledge, skills and social abilities to ensure optimal performance in their jobs as petrol station sales agents.



Disclosed during the 2013 Istanbul ‘Employment for All’ conference:

  • The winner of the 2013 EASPD - Employment for All - Award is: ifs SPAGAT For a life in Autonomy – work in open labour market, from the Institut für Sozialdienste Vorarlberg gemGmbH (ifs), Austria.




  • The winner of the 2013 EASPD - Employment for All - Audience Award is: Passwerk, from Berchem, Belgium.