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Employment for all! Nominations now open for EASPD and LADAPT’s 2020 Employment Award

The right to work is a fundamental right, as recognized in several international legal instruments. Finding long-term employment on the open labour market not only fulfils the right to work but also facilities an individual’s enjoyment of a number of other human rights.
But being employed is much more than a right, and having a job often forms an inherent part of a person’s identity, enabling them to be economically independent; provide for their families and actively contribute to their communities.
EASPD believes in all efforts to create effective systems, that enable the employment of people with disabilities, contributing to the change of the social reality and full implementation of Article 27 of the UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UN CRPD).
As part of their work, to further support the implementation of different systems for the inclusion of persons with disabilities in the workforce, EASPD and LADAPT are pleased to announce that applications are now open for its 2020 Employment for All Award! Now in its 4th edition, the award aims to promote strategies that facilitate the employment of persons with disabilities on the open labour market; provide them with equal opportunities to access gainful employment and enable them to gain a greater control over their independence in terms of employment and financial stability.
The winners of the Employment for All Award will be announced during EASPD and LADAPT’s European Conference “Employment of Persons with Disabilities: Road to Employment” in Paris on 4th-5th May. The award will be presented to social care and support providers, businesses or employers who have designed and implemented effective and innovative systems for the employment of people with disabilities
The deadline for nominations is 3rd February 2020, find out more about how to apply below.

How to apply

If you believe your support service or business contributes to the inclusion of people with disabilities in the employment environment, you have a chance of featuring in EASPD’s 2020 Employment for All Award.
 In order to be eligible for the Award, your programme/method/ practice needs to:

  • Be operating in Europe;
  • Be within a Social Service/ Support Provider or a Business setting;
  • Be involved in inclusion of people with physical/mental/intellectual/sensorial disabilities in employment;
  • Have proven to support the conditions for integrating work- and career- opportunities for persons with disabilities;
  • Be an active and on-going practice;
  • Have positive prospects for future activity;
  • Preferably be integrated in mainstream operations;
  • Support/ lead to employment opportunities, including promotion of autonomy and an environment that is empowering;
  • Be connected to gainful employment i.e. should lead to real remuneration;
  • Not have been among the 10 nominees in the previous Employment for All Award competition.

If your programme/method/ practice satisfy these conditions, you can submit an application to EASPD by filling in the attached form and sending it to before the 17th January 2020.
Once nominations have been closed 10 nominees will be selected to participate in either of the following two categories:

  • The first category is for businesses/employers who promote better employment opportunities for persons with disabilities.
  • The second category comprises of social services and support providers who exhibit exceptional qualities in their practices in the employment field for persons with disabilities.

These selected 10 promising practices will be:

  • Published on a promising practices compilation on;
  • Published in the 2020 Employment for All Booklet;
  • Considered for selection as one of the three nominees for the final award.

Three nominees from each category will be invited to the European Conference “Employment of Persons with Disabilities: Road to Employment” in Paris on 4th-5th May jointly hosted by EASPD and LADAPT and will be given the opportunity to present their system, model, scheme at the conference.
The winner from each category will receive the Employment for All Award at the conference.

To participate in the award process, download the application form here, complete each section and send it to

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