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“ENTELIS - European Network for Technology Enhanced Learning in an Inclusive Society”


LLL; Leonardo da Vinci, Partnership


10 Partners from 10 countries.

EASPD plays the role of Project Partner

Project Duration

The project lasted for 35 months from 1/01/2014 to 31/12/2016

Project Summary

People with disabilities of all ages are at risk of being excluded from the opportunities offered by the digital revolutions. This project will address the digital divide by strengthening collaboration and knowledge provision in ICT and ICT AT education across Europe. The network we propose will provide opportunities to assess the state of the art, to exchange good practise and to support change by the development of foresight scenario’s and roadmaps.
We will collect, describe and assess good practise in ICT and ICT AT skills development of PwD across Europe. Based on this we will identify the barriers for progress in the fight to reduce the digital divide. Finally we will design roadmaps for future priorities and actions, including recommendations for innovative content, services and pedagogies for lifelong learning.

Main Objectives

  • To strengthen the collaboration between various actors in formal, non formal and informal education and training in ICT and ICT-AT for people with disabilities of all ages;
  • To gear the efforts of networks with a different focus (AAATE on ICT-AT, EASPD on service delivery, EVBB on vocational training, etc.) towards shared goals;
  • To increase the awareness of the benefits and impacts of ICT and ICT-AT in learning and personal development pathways of people with disabilities;
  • To disseminate results, insights and best practice derived from former European projects (KPT, ATLEC etc.) and other initiatives conducted at the national or regional level, in order to promote the debate on recommendation and strategies on the role of education agencies, socio-economic actors and the community in tackling the digital divides of vulnerable groups;
  • To identify present barriers, emergent and future needs in terms of analysis, acquisition and reinforcing of digital competences bridging the worlds of education, work and wider social participation;
  • To contribute to the development of certification systems of training pathways in ICT and ICT-AT, with a particular attention to pedagogical innovation and change, for a multiplier effect in wider knowledge about the use of ICT and AT enhanced learning;
  • To raise the interest in Lifelong learning among vulnerable groups (disabled and elderly people) families and professionals, in particular making opportunities in ICT and ICT-AT more widely known and accessible.

Main Outcomes

The outcome of the project will be the establishment of a sustainable network, embedded in different existing umbrella organizations (a sort of inter-agency Special Interest Group), able to offer a platform for exchange among actors in the field, where relevant information is brought together and made available and with the capacity to gear existing resources on an “as needs basis” to impact on policy development. The project will raise awareness among policy makers, thus stimulating the development of more and appropriate learning opportunities.  
The innovative contribution of ENTELIS project will be in merging a personal and grass root view on the advent of digital skills acquisition with high level (European and National) scenarios and policies.


Contact details

Sonia Staskowiak, Project & Finance Officer

+32 2 282 46 17


Reports & Docs


Reports & Docs