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ERGO WORK – Joining academia and business for new opportunities in creating ERGOnomic WORK places

On the 21st and 22nd of January 2015, partners of the ERGO WORK project gathered in Salamanca, Spain to conduct the project 3rd meeting to review the past phase and prepare for the next phase of the project. During this 3rd partner meeting, the project management team gave the state of play of the project with a focus on the preparation of the Piloting phase, as well as dissemination and exploitation activities.


Give that aim, the partners with coordinating task had presentations on the state of play of the project deliverables and agreed on the work-plan for the coming period. The main remark from this meeting was that, in general, the project process has still been on time as scheduled so far. Especially, as the supplementary modules to the Ergonomics curriculums have been ready for the piloting phase, the pilot project was launched in Poland in December 2014. Another pilot project in Slovenia will start later in March 2015.


In addition, the project’s website, especially the e-platform has been improved. A working group for e-platform content update has also been suggested and agreed on. In the meantime, the University of Maribor who is in charge of managing the website, continues collecting more relevant information, literature and links from all partners as well as improving the settings of the e-platform to enrich the website and attract more audience. The ERGO WORK Facebook page has been upgraded as a part of the ERGO WORK e-platform which provides a good base for exchanging of ideas and information.


Last but not least, as on the regular basis, the project 4th Newsletter has just been released with more details on the Pilot projects in Poland and Slovenia as well as the status of the e-platform on the project’s website.


For other project documents and more information, please visit the project’s website.


Contact details

Sonia Staskowiak, Project & Finance Officer
+32 2 282 46 17