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Ergo Work project

EASPD is involved as a partner in a project which has just started about ergonomics at work. Social Cohesion is one of the main 7 objectives of the Europe 2020 Strategy and the labour insertion of fragile persons in the labour market is a relevant part of it.

If the focus is moved to the employability of persons with disabilities we can see that more difficulties exist due to prejudices of employers and wrong “social” visions about such aspect. Persons with disabilities as employees have special needs regarding employment and adjustment of work places and Ergonomics will help and support such a process because it is a highly multidisciplinary area.

Currently, teaching methods and approaches clearly lack cooperation between them and at the same time students suffer from the low exchange between Academia, Schools, Vocational Educational Training system and Businesses with the final result that existing curricula and study pathways on Ergonomics in Europe are of low efficacy.

The main target groups of the project are students, persons with disabilities, businesses, companies and employers. The project will be coordinated by OZARA from Slovenia which is an employer and vocational rehabilitation provider for persons with disabilities. Partners of the project are universities, service providers and research centers from Slovenia, Poland, Spain and Italy.

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