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ESPN releases report on wage subsidies for workers with disabilities in the Netherlands

Eight new Flash Reports prepared by the European Social Policy Network (ESPN) for the European Commission are now available and provide information on recent social policy developments in France, Luxemburg, Netherlands, Sweden, Poland, Germany and Switzerland.

One of these reports focusses on the plans of the new Dutch government to replace the current wage subsidy with wage dispensation for employers hiring people with disabilities. The current wage subsidy was establish in 2013, when the Dutch government, employers and trade unions agreed that 125,000 additional jobs would be created for people with disabilities unable to earn the minimum wage by themselves.The wage subsidies will be replaced by "Wage dispensation" starting in 2019. Despite this can mean a financial incentive for employers to hire persons with disabilities, it has sparked a national debate among stakeholders and political parties since it could also entail several disadvantages for them.

Read the full report here


​The European Social Policy Network (ESPN) was established in 2014 to provide the Commission with independent information, analysis and expertise on social policies.