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EASPD organised from 18 to 10 november a provider forum in Tallin, Estonia. The aim of the provider forum was to raise awareness on the Deinstitutionalisation process in Estonia through a seminar. The Estonian government currently still invests in existing institutions.
The Government is also working on an important reform aiming to support the employment, except for those unable to work. This reform has led to a big debate in Estonia. It will be difficult to maximise the success of this reform without an understanding and support of DI in Estonia. This reform could make it more difficult for people with disabilities to lead an independent life.
The main result during the seminar was the agreement that governmental institutions will not be closed but that in the future there will be more support to smaller service providers in Cities. There was also the development of the relationship between the participants and people from the Governmental Unemployment office.

You find details on the forum's discussions in the final report.