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EU Agency for Fundamental Rights invites you to join their Fundamental Rights Platform

The European Unions’ Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA), the EU’s centre of fundamental rights expertise, is inviting civil society organisations to join their Fundamental Rights Platform (FRP) database to support its cooperation with key stakeholders and work to  strengthen respect for rights in the EU.
Currently bringing together over 600 human rights organisations the FRP provides a platform for civil society to engage and exchange information and insights in the field of fundamental rights. According to the FRA the platform is an invaluable source of diverse perspectives and a wealth of knowledge and registering with the platform’s database provides organisations with privileged access to FRA’s work planning efforts, data and expertise.
The FRP also provides opportunities for organisations to connect with other entities sharing similar interests and challenges.
The FRA will be looking to use the Platform to build on 2018 report, “Challenges facing civil society organisations working on human rights in the EU” by asking the platform’s members contribute to an online consultation in autumn 2018. FRA will use this input for further reporting on the environment in which civil society organisations operate.
FRA welcomes any interested organisations from civil society to register with the FRP database, whether they be non-governmental human rights organisations, trade unions, employers’ organisations, social or professional groups, faith communities, religious, philosophical or non-confessional organisations, or universities.
Information on how to register can be found on FRA’s website here. Registration is free of charge and complies with the EU data protection rules. The deadline to register for the database, and to gain access to its benefits, has been extended to the 31st August 2018. For more information on the FRP click here.