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European Commission addresses Europe’s economic and social challenges in thematic factsheets

The European Commission have released their annual Thematic Factsheets, which aim to provide cross-country information on economic and social challenges, useful policies to address them and examples of good practice.
These thematic factsheets, which are released as a part of the European Semester process, cover a range of topics including:

To support its members EASPD has provided summaries of the Commission’s factsheets on Labour market and skills and Social protection and cohesion.
Under the topic of “Labour Market and Skills” the Commission highlights that Europe’s Education systems are not yet fully effective in reducing inequalities and that formal care services are important tools to remove obstacles to employment.
You can read EASPD’s Summary of the of “Labour Market and Skills” Thematic Factsheet here.
The Commission thematic factsheet on “Social Protection and Cohesion” focuses on sub-categories like inequalities, health systems, and social inclusion. The factsheet identified challenges to full social inclusion of people with disabilities and other groups with support needs before stressing the need to ensure that people have access to community based services to avoid institutionalisation.
To read EASPD’s Summary of the of “Social Protection and Cohesion” Thematic Factsheet here.

For more information, please contact:
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EASPD Policy Advisor
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