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European Commission and City of Mannheim to host European Summit on Social Economy

On 26th-27th November 2020, the European Commission and they City of Mannheim will jointly hold a European Summit on Social Economy.
The event, which will take place during the EU Council Presidency of Germany, will aim to strengthen the social economy in Europe, and harness its contribution to economic development, social inclusion as well as green and digital transitions.
Bringing together various stakeholders active in the social economy, the summit will discus the social economy for three perspectives:  digitalisation of the Social Economy, (social) innovation and cross-country and cross-sectoral collaboration.
Importantly, the Summit will be a key  milestone towards a “European Action Plan for Social Economy”, which the European Commission intends to launch in 2021.
The programme will be co-created by the City of Mannheim, the European Commission and by stakeholders. If you wish to submit your proposal for a workshop and/or participate in the conference please check the summit website: