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European Disability Strategy 2010-2020



The UN Convention on the Rights of People with Disabilities (UN CRPD), ratified by the EU in 2010, obliges its parties to produce an Implementation Strategy. 

It is based on this obligation that the European Union adopted the European Disability Strategy 2010-2020 (EDS) in 2010, to complement national efforts with a European-wide framework. The EDS’ main aim is to allow persons with disabilities to have the right to participate fully and equally in society and economy. The strategy reflects the same values as mentioned in the Convention.

To read the full version of the EDS in English, please click here. For other languages, please click here.



In 2009, EASPD took part in the public consultation that the European Commission had previously launched concerning the EDS. Our response was clear. As a whole, we welcomed the Commission proposals which would facilitate the full implementation of the UN CRPD. Yet, we also suggested that the Commission should ensure that the following strategic choices are also taken into account: 

  • The mainstreaming of disabilities throughout all policies and actions, at all levels of governance.
  • The development of specific actions plans to address specific challenges such as health inequalities, de-institutionalisation, people with high dependency needs, structure stakeholder co-operation to address employment of persons with disabilities etc.
  • Ensuring that adequate measures are taken to guarantee the availability, accessibility and affordability of support services; as well as to fight multiple discriminations.

You can read our full response to Public Consultation on the EDS 2010-2020, by clicking here.



Following the European Union agreement on the EDS 2010-2020 in 2010, EASPD followed up on its response to the public consultation with a position paper on the matter in 2012. The focus of the position paper was ensuring that the European institutions understand that service providers have a crucial role to play in enabling human rights and therefore that we should also play a key role in the implementation of the Strategy at European level.

Following extensive consultation with our members, EASPD provided the European institutions with 4 key issues upon which we believe service providers could bring an added-value to the implementation of the strategy:

  • Innovation by contributing our expertise on delivering individualised community-based services
  • Research by proposing methodologies for the monitoring of the strategy's implementation process
  • Internal implementation of the EDS in the European Commission bodies, by offering our know-how to enhance the inclusiveness of the European bodies
  • External implementation of the EDS, by helping to monitor how the EDS is being implemented throughout the EU

You can read our full Position Paper on the EDS 2010-2020, by clicking here.