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European Parliament's Positive Action for Persons with Disabilities

The European Parliament’s Positive Action Contract Agent Selection Tool (CAST) for people with disabilities is now open!  

The European Personnel Selection Office (EPSO) believes in and actively promotes equality and diversity in all its selections. In particular, it is striving to reach out to more diverse talent to broaden the representation of EU diversity within EPSO’s applicant pool and ultimately within the EU Institutions.

Following EPSO’s recent calls for cooperation to all EU diversity & inclusion organisations, EPSO regularly provides information on job opportunities in the EU institutions and published selection procedures, encouraging you to consider a career in the EU institutions or agencies.
This time, there is information from the European Parliament regarding their positive action for persons with disabilities.
Every year, the EP runs a positive action CAST specifically for people with disabilities to gain a first working experience at the EP. The CAST is open to all profiles and backgrounds for people with a long-term disability equal to or greater than 20%.

Interested? Register before 2 April 2021 (Central European time) for a permanent CAST and send your CV, preferably in the Europass format, to giving your EPSO candidate number and stating you meet the disability status criterion.

To discover more details on this opportunity on EPSO’s website, click here!  
For your convenience, please find the direct links to the call in the following three languages: EnglishFrench and German.