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European Social Fund is 60!

The European Social Fund is an EU fund for social inclusion and employment. For 60 years, it has been working in partnerships with member states to provide promising projects with the funding they need to succeed.

Projects supported by the European Social Fund help society in several areas: They assist the disadvantaged in society who may be socially excluded or at risk of being so, providing them with opportunities to find or get back into work. They retrain people for new jobs or assists them in finding jobs for the first time. They invest in better education opportunities and also support the improvement of public services to the benefit of job seekers, workers and companies.

The European Social Fund is managed in partnerships with Member States to better tackle the specific needs in each country. You can find the contact of each managing authority in the official European Social Fund website. You can also find examples of projects in your country in this interactive map.

Learn more about other EU Funding Programmes in the field of Employment, Social Affairs and Inclusion in the official European commission site and, if you are an EASPD member, check our EU Funding Tool (log in first)!