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European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights publish latest reports on drivers and barriers of deinstitutionalisation for persons with disabilities

As part of their role, to provide expert advice to the institutions of the EU and the Member States on a range of human rights based issues, the European Union Agency for Fundamental Rights (FRA) have released a number of materials to support the deinstitutionalisation process for persons with disabilities.
These materials include:

The FRA’s latest report, ‘From institutions to community living for persons with disabilities: perspectives from the ground’ explores the key divers of and barriers to deinstitutionalisation faced by Member States across Europe. Published in December 2018, the report presents the main insights gained during the report’s fieldwork, which was conducted in Bulgaria, Finland, Ireland, Italy and Slovakia.
The report focuses on the local level and outlines input from persons with disabilities, the families of individuals going through the transition to community-based living, members of local communities, and the various people responsible for designing the process and implementing it on a daily basis.
Although the report highlights that many Member States to have a long way ago to ensure the full deinstitutionalisation of persons with disabilities, it also outlines practical and concrete ideas that can support successful deinstitutionalisation.
To read the full report, click here.
In addition to this report the FRA have also released:

 The key findings of the report have been summarised in a video, which also highlights the wealth of things that can be done to enable persons with disabilities to live full and happy lives in the community.

To further support the deinstitutionalisation process the FRA have created an infographic, which shows the on the road to independent living for people with disabilities. These factors include:

  • Commitment
  • A change of Attitude
  • Active cooperation
  • Guidance
  • Practicalities

To view the infographic in full click here.
These material have been launched alongside a new webpage, which highlights the personal deinstitutionalisation stories of some of the people with disabilities who participated in the research. To read their stories now, click here.