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Every year, EASPD organises a series of events for its members. These events provide up-to-date information on important EU policy developments in the disability and social sector, studies, projects, whilst they also allow our members to provide input from grassroot level. Our events provide those attending with the opportunity to discuss about employment, education and independent living issues encountered by the sector. As such, we discuss how to best respond to the sector's new challenges and opportunities, as well as to exchange know-how and best practices.


By clicking on these links, you will have access to relevant information regarding the events we organise as well as programmes and reports.

  • Annual Conferences, allowing our members and other partners to discuss the sector's challenges and opportunities, usually on a specific topic.
  • Provider Fora, enabling the development of networks and partnerships in some of our member countries; usually in Central and Eastern European countries. Through the Provider Forums, we facilitate dialogue and the building of networks between different stakeholders at regional and national level. The forums gather representatives of the service provider sector, regional and state authorities, users and parents. The Provider Forums also give EASPD the opportunity to communicate directly with the relevant actors at national level and support the correct implementation and understanding of the principles of UN CRPD in their respective countries.
  • Courses and Trainings (i.e workshops or Summer Schools) for our members to gain additional know-how on a variety of topics; such as project development & management, inclusive education and quality of services.
  • Project Development Workshop to exchange knowledge on how to design, disseminate and develop successful projects as well as explaining the step-by-step procedure of Project Cycle Management.