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Everybody goes digital in 2018: join the trainings!

One of our Belgium members of Konekt is helping support service providers to make the most of the opportunities provided by digitalisation to enhance their service provision. To do this, they are hosting info sessions on how to be a media coach with service providers and people with disabilities because digital and social inclusion go hand in hand.

The first training course “Media Coach for duo’s” was held in 2017, and the initiative immediately won an M-Award, a Flemish prize for projects about media literacy, for ‘best educational project on media literacy”.

After the huge success of the first edition, a new training module will be held in 2018. To explain the content, approach, tasks, expectations and the practical side of the training, info sessions are being held in Dutch in:

Is your organisation based in Belgium? Does your organisation want to make better use of the opportunities provided by digitalisation? If the answer is yes, this training could help you realize that. The next training course takes place from October 2018 to May 2019. You can inscribe per duo consisting of a professional instructor and a person that faces a disability. Alongside the training, the duo’s must also be able to implement the lessons they have learned into their own living or working context.

For more information about the project, please visit  or contact