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Field Aperture: Inclusion in Society by the Arts (ISA)

What is ISA - Field Aperture? 

This Erasmus+ project aims to 1) have an impact on the training curriculum, 2) have an impact on the professional practice of people engaged in communication and education through art and culture; and 3) to act on the cultural environment. The six partner organisations from France, Ireland, Belgium, Bulgaria and Hungary are going to contribute to the evolution of the perception, message and culture surrounding people with disabilities in society, in media and commercials and in education. The project will rethink the place of persons with disabilities in our societies and the role civil society has to play in their inclusion. The partnership has for objective to develop an inclusive methodology in line with the UNCRPD principles to produce empowering artistic and cultural activities on the ground together with persons with disabilities. The project will develop among others:

1) a guide on promising practices in inclusion through art;
2) a guide to support teachers ‘art as inclusive pedagogy’; and
3) an annual Field Aperture event in each partner country to raise awareness. 



European Union ERASMUS+ Programme



1 September 2017 to 31 August 2020




-Project Update 04/06/2018

- ISA European Guide Promising Practices
-The story of ISA





Sydney von Ihering
+32 2 2337720