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Final ‘Ora’ conference: ‘improving the process of active guidance of persons with disabilities’

The European Think Tank ‘Pour la Solidarité’ organizes the final conference of the ORA project on “Improving the process of active guidance of persons with disabilities” with the support of all project partners. The final conference will be held on 2 December 2013 in Brussels at the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The conference will be organized in three round tables:

  • Active guidance in the context of disability
  • Review and good practices of active guidance of the ORA project
  • European perspectives of sustainability: the active guidance of persons with disabilities after the ORA project.

This conference will host high-quality guest speakers, notably Professor Michel Mercier (Association for Research-Action on Disability, Disability Unit, University of Namur), Mr Luk Zelderloo (EASPD) and Mr Meelis Joost (EESC), who will address the topic from different aspects.
Information and registrations: