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FINANCIAL STUDY on the European trends in the service providers sector

On October 11, 2014 a new project on the funding and the financial sustainability of the disability sector was presented at the General Assembly of EASPD in Oslo.


This project’s primary goal is to carry out a study on the European funding in order to better understand how disability service providers are being financed across Europe. Secondly, this research is aimed to expand the existing funding and to launch the new funding opportunity, and lastly, it is to evaluate the sustainability of the sector by conducting a financial study based on the official balance sheet and profit and loss statements. This study will provide reliable and useful information which will consequently raise more awareness of the financial state of the sector which again will reinforce its lobbying capacity.


To carry out this research, EASPD needs the collaboration of members: single organisations, umbrella organisations, and members of these umbrellas’ (with a maximum of 12 organisations per country in order to respect representativity in each country). In fact, this is a very interesting project to participate. Each service provider who involves in the research will have the opportunity to value its own financial health and to compare its financial performance to other service providers across Europe while data confidentiality will be respected.


The framework will be an Excel spreadsheet. This file will be sent to finance contact persons who will be invited to fill in the balance sheet and profit and loss accounts from 2010 to 2013. This key stage will be on the basis of the whole study and will enable the presentation of the financial information under the same standardised format for all countries regardless of the layout and the language used. This is as well in that Excel file that the service provider will be able to assess its own financial situation thanks to the financial analysis based on its inputs and automatically generated by the system. The focus will be made on the solvability, liquidity and profitability of the structure, the good use of its resources and its capability to accomplish long-term expansion.


What final outcomes can we expect from this research?

We would like to show the economic trends at the national and European levels for the whole scope. We are expecting to measure the financial consequences of the crisis and capability of different service providers to face and to recover from it. This first expected outcome can be added to the objective to raise typical financial profiles per country, per activity or per funding stream (public, private, regional….). Finally, we aspire to give each organisation the opportunity to compare itself to its peers across Europe, while respecting the confidentiality of their financial data and this through the attribution of an identification number known only by the members, which will replace their names and will be the way to know their positions in the financial performances of the scope.


Of course, the objective is not to start a competition process between different service providers. We all know that the fiscal, economic and political systems, the languages and cultures, are very different from one country to another which would make it useless and very unfair. At this stage of the research, taking into consideration the European diversity, the goal is to give each organisation the possibility to compare itself to similar or different service providers sharing the same development strategy or facing the same financial problems across Europe.


If you wish to participate to this study ...

please send an email to Hélène Konopski at Helene.Konopski(a) or call on +32 22 82 46 15.

We are looking forward to hearing from you!