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"The Good, the Bad and the Ugly": 2016 EASPD Project Development Workshop

 20 April 14h00-17h30, Radisson Blue Hotel, Chisinau (Moldova)

Is my project proposal GOOD enough? Is there something BAD when implementing a project that should be avoided? Did you encounter something UGLY that made difficult to reach project objectives? The 2016 edition of the EASPD Project Development Workshop, organized on the occasion of EASPD Annual Conference on Early Intervention, will be dedicated to project assessment and evaluation, both at application and implementation stages.


Each funding programme and/or call for proposals has specific award criteria, defined through several elements which must be taken into account by evaluators when analysing an application. These elements form an exhaustive list of points to be considered before giving a score for the given criterion.

But evaluation & quality assurance are also important elements when implementing the project. Has a project reached its stated objectives? Where there any unforeseen positive or negative effects? What could be learned from the experience and how to do an even better job next time? Evaluations are used to improve on-going operations and to learn from experience. Good practice but also negative experience can help to design and manage better projects in the future.


The 2016 EASPD Project Development Workshop will dive into those elements and will offer participants with a practical exercise on how a proposal should and shouldn´t look like and do´s and don’ts on project management. Participants will be split according to their experience on EU project management so everyone can learn according to their needs! In addition, we will take the opportunity to know about EU funding streams for EU neighboring countries.


Join us in Chisinau for this “Far East” project development experience!

Full programme and information for participants will be available end February 2016. Fee: 30€ for Western EU countries + 10 € CEE countries





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Participants are requested to send in advance and bring copies of the partner profile and project outline forms. For more information about the project development workshop, please contact Carmen Arroyo de Sande.