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Great progress in IIIS project’s development after its third meeting

The third transnational meeting of the IIIS Project (Implementing Inclusion in Schools) took place in Salzburg on the 16th, 17th and 18th April. The aim of this EU funded project (Erasmus+) is to implement inclusion competences among staff in primary and secondary schools and to transfer inclusion theory into practice.

During the third transnational meeting, the consortium visited the Austrian pilot school in Austria, which works in cooperation with the Salzburg University of Education.

The partner organisations also received and discussed the outcomes of the survey “What inclusion means to you?”, which was sent to partner schools of the project consortium from Austria, Finland, Germany and Spain.

Moreover, the consortium discussed the further development of a coaching manual based on coaching processes that will be implemented in 10 pilot schools. The IIIS project website was launched during the meeting and the development of new communication tools was scheduled, such as video clips and the next project newsletter (have a look at the first IIIS newsletter).

The next IIIS transnational meeting will be held in Gandia, Spain, where a joint-staff training will take place.

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