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List of provider fora in Greece



Provider forum in Athens, 29-30 October 2015

The Provider Forum was organized in combination with the final Conference of a project implemented by ESTIA on Human Rights in Practice. The aim was to bring together different stakeholders in the disability sector to highlight the importance of implementing Human Rights and how to proceed from theory to practice. An important issue was to inspire service providers to join networks and through them make the difference for people with disabilities. Greece is in the middle of a very difficult period of financial decrease and the importance of networking and cooperating through EU programmes with organisations from other countries is of more importance than ever. Everybody has to be aware that the cut downs in the social security sector will make the people with disabilities even more excluded from the society. The implementation of the rights for people with disabilities, the strength of cooperation over the borders and the exchange of good practices between organisations is the right path to change the situation for people with disabilities.


Provider Forum in Athens, 14/11/2014

The Provider Forum in Athens was organised to bring together service providers in the field of disability (mainly learning disability), to highlight the importance of issues such as social inclusion and independent living for people with disability and to share ideas of how to take these further. Moreover, it was an opportunity to inform service providers about EASPD’s activities and how EASPD could help them to further develop and improve their services through funding programmes. Finally, the Provider Forum was a chance to emphasise the usefulness and importance of networking and structural cooperation between service provider organisations. This Provider Forum took place at a time when big changes need to take place in the legislation and the policies in Greece regarding people with disability, and it was therefore important for certain issues to be raised by service providers. In addition, due to the current financial difficulties it was particularly important to share knowledge about accessing funding programmes and project opportunities by the European Commission.

Outcome and follow-up
The creation of a national and/or an international network is highly important in order to make changes and enhancements in the life situation of people with disabilities.
The representatives of the participating organisations expressed a real need of being part of networks, both national and international.

  • A national network of scientific information sharing was formed – The purpose of creating this network is the need to enable the different structures to exchange views and experiences on scientific level. This network was an outcome of the Provider Forum. One of the target groups of the forum was the presidents and managers of the organisations. They brought the information back to their organisations and it reached different staff levels. Today it is still on the agenda for many professionals working in the disability field.
  • A group of professionals with long-time experience in the disability sector are in the middle of a process of implementing a social enterprise and they are interested in organising a follow-up provider forum in 2015.
  • REPORT of the provider forum in Greece

This event has been organised with the financial support of the Progress Programme of the European Union. The contents of this publication are the sole responsibility of EASPD and can in no way be taken to reflect the views of the European Commission.