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A “hot” winter

The new year is up and running and EASPD has resumed some of the most important files for the months to come. Many of the funding programmes of the next EU budget will enter into a debate with the representatives of the Member States of the European Union. The discussions will be crucial to determine the scope and the entity of the funds on issues such as long-term care, individualised and community-based support and investment into adequate and accessible support systems.

EASPD will fuel the discussions by organising more than ever timely debates on current trends that cannot be neglected in the social policy agendas. Ageing persons with disabilities, access to justice, the social return of investment of support systems will be addressed in events coming up in the next weeks.
Many of the debates will also lead to the discussion of the future of support systems at the EASPD international conference taking place in Bucharest, Romania on the 16 and 17 May 2019: Investing in people.

Join us at the event, registrations for this are open now and are available here.

Sabrina Ferraina
Policy Manager