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How can you implement inclusion in your school? IIIS project partners release guide to support individuals as they implement inclusive education in schools

Every school staff member can initiate a school development process towards inclusion. Inclusive education does not happen overnight however and for many the transition towards inclusion can be a daunting one.
As part of their work, to promote the implementation of inclusion in schools, the partners of the Implementing Inclusion in Schools (IIIS) project have developed a guide to support individuals as they start, steer, implement and evaluate a school’s development process towards inclusion.   
The guide promotes the realisation of the Index of Inclusion by linking the issues of inclusion to the principles and methods of change management. The guide provides support to individuals at key phases in a school’s transition towards inclusion, including:

  • How to get started
  • How to get support and find allies
  • The Coaching process
  • How to put a team together and set a project structure
  • How to find your goals and topics
  • How to set an agenda and implement your activities
  • How to finish and evaluate the process

To read the guide in full, click here.


Each of these topics are supported by a number of resources, including visual tools and short videos which can be found on the IIIS project website.

Produced within the framework of the IIIS Project, the guide was developed by a consortium of 7 different European organisations who are active in the field of general education and/or provide and lobby for services to children with special needs. During the lifetime of the project 10 schools from across Austria, Germany, Finland and Spain engaged in a school development process towards inclusion. Every school faced its specific challenges and developed its own individual plan. All were supported by external coaches. This guide summarises the experiences of the schools and the coaches, so they can be adapted by any other school in any other country.

With the support of the Erasmus+ programme the IIIS project has worked to support the implementation of in inclusion competences among staff and to transfer inclusion theory into practice in primary and secondary schools. Over the next 5 months the IIIS project partners will be hosting a number of events in Austria, Belgium, Germany, Finland and Spain, where they will present their manual and share their experiences of the project. To find out more visit the project webpage here.