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Implementing Inclusion in Schools: On the way to inclusive school education

On the 4th June EASPD and its partners in the Implementing Inclusion in Schools (IIIS) project came together in Ghent, Belgium, for their Closing Conference. Bringing together teachers, students and practitioners in the field of education, the event explored the importance of inclusive education in the region of Flanders, as well as across Europe. Via a number of interactive workshops, the conference provided an opportunity for participants to gain a greater understanding of how they can support their schools to promote the inclusion of all learners, with the help of the project’s tools.
Joined by Ms Elke Decruynaere, Alderwoman for education, upbringing, outreach work and youth for the City of Ghent, as well as key representatives from families, support services and the education sector, the event highlighted the benefit an inclusive education can have for all students.

Speaking during the panel discussion, Thijis Smeyers, Policy & Advocacy Coordinator at Cartias Belgium, asserted that “an inclusive education is about enabling all leaners to reach their full potential,” adding that with the support of the tools provided by the IIIS project participants “can start right now to promote inclusion in their schools.”

Irene Bertana, Policy and Advocacy Officer at COFACE Families Europe, stressed the importance of involving all stakeholders in the inclusion process, including families, saying that “education is a family project and with this families play a key role in making inclusive education a reality.”

“Through inclusive education we can better embrace the diversity within our societies” added, Timothy Ghilain, Senior Policy Officer at EASPD, before raising awareness for the vital function education support services can play in facilitating the transition towards inclusion and helping schools to meet the needs of all of their students.

Co-funded with the support of the Erasmus+, over the last three years the IIIS project has worked to provide individuals with the tools to start, steer and implement inclusion in their schools. Available in English, German, Spanish and Finnish, the project’s coaching guide, training modules and videos, provide a companion to those wishing to support their school’s development project towards inclusion.

Over the next two months the IIIS partners will host a further two events, in Nuremberg, Germany and Seinäjoki, Finland. To find out more about the project and these events read our latest newsletter here.

To download the project’s coaching guide, training modules and videos in English, Spanish, German or Finnish, visit the project website here.